5 fashion trends we’ll see everywhere in 2019

by admin

Who says New Year, says new wardrobe. Well! Of course, I will keep most of my clothes, but I still like to refresh my wardrobe by giving some trends of the year that I like. So I’ve put together a list of the clothes and accessories you’ll probably see in 2019.Le short de cycliste

Cycling Shorts

It took me a long time to love this fashion , Now that I know how to arrange it, I’m getting more and more flavor and it’s definitely a look I’ll take this summer.

Le Blazer oversized

The Blazer is always with you year after year. It’s just being reinvented every year. For the year 2019, the blazer is rather oversized rather than adjusted.

Green and neon yellow

A color that beats, do you want one? Here is one! Green and neon yellow are present if it is not already in stores. A little trick to master the neon trend: Give your neon piece neutral colors like black or beige.

Retro Earrings

Choose retro style gold earrings to complete your outfit. Earrings with oval, round shapes are currently very popular and give your face a nice point of light.

Chunky Sneakers

You can find these shoes in different sizes. Be sure to choose a size that will not deform your silhouette too much. On the other hand, it seems to have a big foot. If it is arranged correctly, you can create a nice look. Arrange it with a maxi skirt or with your plaid pants.