2017 wedding shoes, fashion trends and novelties

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Every bride wants to look perfect from feet to fingertips. Therefore, the selection of each part is treated with particular trepidation and caution. And if the choice of wedding dress can be determined based on the figure, growth, personal preferences and the collection of boutique, then how to choose wedding shoes?

In today’s article chose the most interesting novelties of wedding shoes in 2017

Wedding Shoes 2017, Fashion Trends + Photo

Classics and newborn trends always compete with each other, which choice depends on personal preference, seasonal and style decisions.

Classic shoes

Constant classics always win against trends. Therefore, sumptuous dresses with a lace bodice and an airy skirt combined with closed-off shoes of white color – a perfect option for brides who dream of the image of a princess.

Another style of wedding shoes in style classic steel shoes with sharp-nosed boats and a small hairpin.

For hot weather, the designers offer shoes with an open nose shadow of champagne, powdered and snow white.

With rhinestones and stones

Girls dream of trying to look like Hollywood celebrities Fashion designers try on wedding shoes decorated with small crystals, decorated with large stones and sequins.

But about the sandals under the wedding dress in 2017 and the speech can not go Apparently the designers have decided to believe in the omen of open socks and poverty.

Gro Small stones in combination with small crystals could also be found at the wedding style shows, although there were fewer of them than last year …


Lacy or as they are called – delicate shoes , perfectly combined with white, peach, powder and blue lace-trimmed wedding dresses. All of their beauty, tenderness and elegance can be appreciated from the photo below:


Genuine leather shoes with carved patterns are perfect for autumn and spring weddings when nature is not very cold and hot.

Closed-up suede and canvas shoes Suede can be worn in winter, although it is practical and harmful to health!

Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes or sandals are the most commonly used wedding dress. They do not rub their feet, are comfortable to wear, and do not hold back their gait. And thanks to fashion trends – also very nice! See the photo below:

Heel decoration

In the establishment of the wedding shoes is not only the nose, but also the Heel decorated. In 2017, the designers offer a variety of options for jewelry heels – with rhinestones, ribbons, bows, sequins.

For themed weddings

When choosing shoes for themed Weddings, designers offer colorful shoes – from retro style to Tiffany themes.