15 Fashion Trends in 2019: A Look at Women’s Clothing

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Some love fashion, others do not, someone tries not to care. But every season in a clothes shop for new clothes, each of us asks, “What and what should you wear?” Any girl, if she wants to look attractive, should at least understand fashion a little. After all, men love not only beautiful and well-groomed, but also well-dressed girls. To keep pace with the times and to know the modern channels of fashion and style, we try to understand the fashion trends of 2019. First, let’s talk about women’s clothing.

An overview of fashion trends in women’s clothing in 2019

2019, as in the past year, naturalness will remain relevant. No needless make-up, hairstyles in the form of houses on the head, etc. The make-up should be light, almost invisible, hair, cleaned in a neat bundle or fall from the shoulders in the form of light curls. As far as clothes are concerned, that is not so easy. In the trend to complex and multi-faceted pictures. In a series of garments, there may be things of very different styles that reveal the different sides of the personality of their owner. An illustrative example is bicycles accompanied by an evening gown or a light, elongated summer dress. Incredible blend of femininity, sportiness, self-confidence and dynamism. And that’s not all … We see the brightest ideas in the photos of the shows of the new collections of 2019 famous fashion houses and famous designers.

Fashionable image from the new Blumarine collection

5 main trends Fall-Winter 2019

So, what can you buy stylish and stylish for the autumn-winter wardrobe? Still relevant is multi-layered, sporty-urban style, free fit and comfort. Fashionable shades of the season are the traditional blue, gray and brown as well as bright yellow and mysterious purple. The overly large theme remains relevant, it can be implemented in the form of voluminous sweaters, cardigans, overcoats and jackets, as if it were taken from the shoulder of the men. Another fashion trend is Futurism. When choosing fashionable women’s clothing, look for products made of interesting fabrics with a slight chimmer or metallic effect. Shoes are better to choose for a low or low heel. In 2019 trendy sneakers, boots of various styles and styles, bright cowboy boots. You can add a touch to your office life by choosing interesting shoes with transparent inserts or an accessory in the form of a fashionable belt pouch.

The current trend of the outerwear season 2019 – stylish sheepskin

In the winter of 2019 you can freshen up the picture with a new sheepskin coat. Yes sheepskin is back in fashion. This comeback is quite relevant, because oversized jackets are already full. In addition, the sheepskin coat can not only fit into everyday life, but also in the image of a business. Choose a universal cut style with an open neckline. It is possible to warm up with a light stole or a scarf. The color of the sheepskin coat can of course be chosen (see photo from the new fall-winter collection of the brand Loewe), or you can experiment and make your winter a little brighter. We look at the picture from the Elisabetta Franchi collection and remind us of the trendy fashion colors of 2019. Bright yellow sets you apart from the crowd. In the collections of Christian Dior, Ermanno Scervino, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Paul & Joe, Tods and others, fashionable models of women’s clothing are presented. Type of flight jacket.

Christian Dior Elisabetta Franchi Tods Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Hermes Hermes Zadig & Voltaire Zadig & Voltaire Paul & Joe Loewe

Trend Number 2 – Some sports as part of the everyday image

The interest of the designers in the sports theme does not diminish. These or other athletic attributes move from season to season. Starting with the already popular stripes, which can be seen on trousers, jumpers, jackets, shoes and accessories in the form of sports bags and headbands. Increasingly, designers are using carabiners, zippers, laces, eyelets and other accessories as decorative elements to create fashionable women’s clothing. She is even seen in evening dresses. For example, in the dress of Each x Other instead of the classic cut a band with a tie (item of sportswear) used.

Pants with cuffs. Alexander Wang Collection Trousers with cuffs. Chloe Collection Suit in combination with sneakers. Ermanno Scervino Collection Sports style points. Altuzarra Collection Popular accessories today include sports goggles that are either deliberately wide or similar to a ski mask or a narrow pair of goggles. The sport style went smoothly to the business wardrobe. Often you will now find a set of classic pants, a jacket and leather sneakers or a belt pouch over a jacket.

Trend Number 3 – Fashion Leather

For several seasons in a row in the Total Look Trend. This image consists entirely of dresses, shoes and accessories in the same color. In summer women’s clothing was in vivid shades of orange, yellow, green and blue, and in the fall you can apply this principle of making sets in a slightly different version. Try creating a trendy autumn-winter 2019 image based on fashionable leather clothing.

Christian Dior Alexander Wang David koma

If you do not want to wear leather completely, you can buy stylish trousers or a leather skirt in classic black, which fits perfectly into the basic wardrobe and at the same time points to the fashion trend autumn-winter 2019.

Alberta Ferretti Hermes

The new Fall Winter collections feature interesting models of leather dresses. Stylish, beautiful and practical they can be the highlight of your everyday wardrobe.

Alexander McQueen

7 Current Trends of the Season Spring – Summer 2019

Summer is a time of bold experiments in which you can be bright. Crazy combinations of styles and colors were shown at Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2019, unbelievable images for all tastes: sporty chic, oriental, brisk 90s, Victorian fusion and of course classics. The color palette is also very diverse. Depending on the color you can choose between bright red, green, blue, yellow and orange or natural beige, brown and pastel colors for the spring / summer wardrobe. Do not forget, must be metallic in 2019.

Trend Number 4 – Plastic, Nylon, Vinyl

In spring 2019, Chanel’s fashion collection included transparent bags, trench coats and to see shoes. It was very fresh and interesting. This trend can not go unnoticed by retailers. And soon the branches of fashionable women’s clothing with light raincoats filled. And if the fashion trend is also practical, it immediately becomes popular. This spring-summer season will be no exception. Karl Lagerfeld continued the theme of transparent clothing, but already in the collection of the fashion house Fendi. There was the maximum amount of vinyl. A transparent coat over a trench coat, a vinyl skirt with leather trim over a classic pleated skirt, a bag in a transparent bag. Interesting ideas on “transparency” can be found in the new collections of Elisabetta Franchi, ADEAM, Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Marine Serre, Mary Katrantzou, Moncler and Natasha Zinko.

Balmain Elisabetta Franchi Marine Serre

Trend # 5 – Fashion Industry Networks

The fashion trend of 2019 – Clothing of starting field. It can be made of leather, yarn, nylon band or knit. In the last week you could see fashion with bold and daring pictures of skirts, dresses and tops made using the macrame technique. The models were completely dressed with underwear and ultrashort shorts. In reality, to avoid being passersby defiant and not embarrassed, you can wear a mesh summer dress over a plain dress and a sheer t-shirt with a crop top. The main thing is that the clothing that serves as background should be as simple as possible, without prints and decorative surfaces, preferably in pastel shades, close to the skin tone. An interesting accessory for the spring summer season is a good old bag. Mesh bags are an original accessory in the collection of Giorgio Armani. The photo below shows stylish pictures showing a new trend in women’s clothing 2019. One of the most striking was the fashion house show Christian Dior. It was not just a show, but a show with a special theater atmosphere. The models were like dancers. The collection itself consisted of silk and knit dresses, tulle and macrame products.

Christian Dior

Trend Number 6 – Knitting Lessons

Crafted knitwear fashion as a continuation of the previous trend. Needlewomen, take the needles and the hook, because now is your season. You can tie a stylish dress or a skirt and maybe a whole bright summer set, as in the Christian Wijnants collection. Choose a rope belt or accessories made of wood for your new clothes. A fashionable straw bag also fits in with this look.

Alberta Ferretti Carolina Herrera Chloé Chloé Michael Kors Michael Kors

Trend Number 7 – Fashionable dress with bare shoulders

The fashionable dress with open shoulder was the last season in the trend and can be seen again in the fashion week Spring / Summer 2019 in many collections. Patchwork. A long evening dress with an original strap from the Roberto Cavalli collection looks adorable. Mix of several trends at once can be seen in the pictures of the brand Max Mara – peas, layering and open shoulder. A bright symbiosis of sport and romance can be found in the collections of Iceberg and Blumarine. Some asymmetry added to her new clothing line Emilio Pucci and Antonio Marras.

Vivetta Vivetta Vivetta Blumarine Max Mara Roberto Cavalli Versace

Trend # 8 – Transparency and Layering

The transparent clothing of the last three seasons appears in fashion collections with enviable regularity. On the catwalks you can see increasingly women’s clothing of batiste, organza, chiffon, fine lace, tulle and other transparent materials. To cover the spicy parts of the female body, complex multi-layered images are created. For example, an elongated blouse or shorts are selected for a transparent skirt. For a business wardrobe, you can choose a model with a “double” skirt (see photos from the Burberry collection). The collection of the world-famous brand Emporio Armani combines several current trends at once. The women’s clothing line is mainly made of translucent, shiny materials. The light shimmer of the fabric gives the sports suit, raincoats and boxer shorts a kind of space train. However, not all modern designers have captured all the love of the sport. For example, Ermanno Scervino and Marco de Vincenzo have produced softer and more feminine clothing lines. They are dominated by classic styles and fabrics.
It can be concluded that dresses in lingerie style made of elegant transparent lace will not be less relevant this summer.