10 “naked” dress the stars at the party after the “Oscar”

by admin

I do not have ceremony most prestigious film award, as a party, after-party “Oscar “Finish has already met the first star guests. Of course, the focus turned back to being celebrity outfits.

The provocative images of stars – in our collection!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is in excellent physical shape, she enjoys and shows. At the party after the “Oscar”, she came in a transparent dress with a neckline “to the navel.” However, with the number at the bottom of the frills too smart in half, leaving outfit that she looked like a regular room the curtains of tulle.

Diane Kruger

Actress Diane Kruger also decided to sculpted figurine and the Party appeared in ultra-short dress to demonstrate. But we do not understand the idea of ​​having a knot on the hips as Kruger shook the tissue in five minutes before leaving the house.

Chanel Iman

The neckline and cut-out to the hips – Victoria Secret Model Chanel Iman is to brag!

Mariah Carey

The singer’s outfit can be named to illustrate the status of the “active search”. Chest “bulging” aggressive pressure, sandals and heels cut – Mariah goes hunting!

Alessandra Ambrosio

Another model with a perfect figure in our selection of Alessandra Ambrosio favors the scarlet gown with a slit that’s beneficial to the party guests focused on the Brazilian long legs.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry had time to change clothes after the ceremony, and the party has already arrived in a shiny open-back dress. In combination with the outfit beauty image he has played in the hands of the actress – she looked impressive and stylish.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston in his 48 years has decided to show everyone who the boss is, and appeared on the red carpet in a revealing outfit, but his arm still in arm with her husband Justin Theroux , It seems that the actress was not even wearing underwear: bare leg above the hip – a direct proof. How did you manage to achieve such a form, Jen? Discover the secrets!

Lily Collins

Perfect way to after-party “Oscar” – Body with a deep neckline for transparent dress like Lily Collins. On the one hand, revealing outfits, and on the other – all boundaries of decency.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale opted for a tight fitting dress to effectively emphasize his dignity of the figure. Bravo, Kate!

Thandie Newton

Tandy a bet on the neck – and won! Newton this time stylist – a solid five.