10 Look ideas for a smooth transition to cold weather

by admin

Slowly but surely cool weather sets in. On the positive side, it means new outfits that match the mercury: oversized scarves, big cuddly knitwear, boots, hats, etc.

Go Hop, let’s get rid of those 10 street style outfits <

Faux fur

Wear a long-sleeved turtleneck or a thin turtleneck Knitted under a faux fur jacket and a felt cap. We recommend a beige hat, which fits perfectly with artificial fur!

Pea + leather jacket

A nice knit, a big mohair collar, a leather jacket and extremely feminine polka dot tights. Heartbeat!


A long wool jacket combined with a fedora hat, a true Tex Mex look! And yes, hats are still in fashion this year!

Maxi Scarf

What’s the perfect accessory as an XL scarves to be stylish in cold weather

In Tartan we trust

The wool coat and oversized checkered cloth are perfect for a fashionable transition to cold weather.

Fall Sportswear

Want to keep your sneakers at their feet? Very simple: They are paired with a long, loose wool coat, lightly knitted and finished!

Casual chic

We put a nice knit over a striped shirt with our favorite jeans with holes. Perfect transition!

Poncho Trend

Aaah the Poncho: It’s all over again this year and we understand why! It’s perfect for a lighter grip when the temperature drops.

Loose Woolen Coat

The Woolen Coat is a must-have in the fall; In addition to an instant trendy look, it keeps us warm throughout the fall.

Stylish Hat

Because it’s about giving our classic outfits a touch of “relaxation”!