10 hairstyles that seem complicated, but actually extremely easy to reach!

by admin

Your hairstyle can reflect your mood, your style, your character … you still have to Have ideas!

Here are 10 hairstyles that complicate only AIR: Do not be fooled, they are actually a real charm to reach!

1. The French roll or the banana

You will always be with him! Can be worn both in the office and in the evening.

2. The romantic double braid

You have short hair but sometimes you want to change your head? Use the extensions for a nice romantic bun.

3. The Twisted Ponytail

You are in a hurry, but are you interested in your appearance? Here’s the perfect trick: a few loops of different lengths with an elastic band and voila!

4. The miniature wave

And why not the next day to revise it for a nicer style? Only part of it is created to create a loop halo around the face.

5. The bun in 10 seconds

An everyday hairstyle, ultra sexy, that we can create in no time!

6th The roll mat

One version very original and very simple rolls!

7. The little loop

A fun alternative to the wicks is just back.

8. The Twisted Bun

A perfect hairstyle for a 5 to 7 meeting!

9. The evening hairstyle

A very simple hairstyle to achieve that will give you a crazy look!

10th The banner, a must

This is the essential accessory. Thanks to him you will recognize hairstyles that seem ultra-sophisticated, but of a disturbing lightness.