10 dresses that are better with stockings

by admin

It was too cold. Consider the best dress looks with socks.

There was a time when it was coolest, with the legs in the air, in the Carrie Bradshaw style, with skins on top and sandals on the back Bottom to walk through the city. Luckily for little things, that time has passed, and now the fluorescent stockings glow autumnal outfits that are dense with those of crystal, and those with polka dots and pearls fill the look of Zara. Be inspired here!

1. Flyer

Sequins, Maro Sleeves … This sfera dress combined with “Animal Print” stockings turns into a trendy 80s look. For those who miss the excess of the 80s

2. The Tweed

This mini dress by Zara , tweed and with bow, adopts white stockings, black tights or even Pearls as in the photo. The girlish touch is guaranteed.

3. Images

Emulate Alicia Silverstone in “Ahnungslos” with this Bershka chessboard and wear white stockings. Why not

4. Crystal

The crystal stockings had their fame in the late ’80s, but have not been in our wardrobe for some time. They have returned and we must lose the fear of carrying them. This model by Sfera is like a finger ring.

5. Mini

Made of velvet and sequins. Counter the “brilli brilli” with very thick black stockings. That’s from Zara.

6. People

Mix textures to get a boho effect. This striped dress and pompons with thick wool jerseys. They will not be cold again.

7. Leopard

Leopard Stockings + Red Dress too? Not if you remove the iron with a casual accessory like this woolen hat or more childlike shoes like this “Mary Jane”.

8. With bow

Break the sobriety of this dress with colored stockings or give the white stockings a touch of sixties.

. 9 Blazer Dress

The grids have never quite left our closet. For party looks like these, they work wonders.

10. Fuseau Trousers

There was a time when the big jerseys + leggings were our daily uniform. We said goodbye to the pantyhose, but now there is the ‘fuseau’ that perfectly accompanies the ‘baby doll’ or very short dresses like this one from Zara.